NYTimes: Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border

NYTimes: Fleeing Gangs, Children Head to U.S. Border

This is just so heart wrenching. Children growing up in an environment in which they are taught to basically kill or be killed. We worry about bullies at school, about getting to bed at the right time, about development of our children, about all sorts of things to care for and help our children. Imagine being a parent in this Honduran city….we are all the same, they want to do all those same things for their children, but these parents feel forced to put their children on buses and ship them to the U.S. border.

I hope that they find peace somehow, all of them, but especially the children.


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I am a husband, father, son and brother. I worked for a long time in investment banking / advisory and looking forward to now building from the inside. What is my purpose?....don't think that I have figured that out, it is tricky. I have lots of good intentions, some of which blossom into good deeds and some of which could use a catalyst. But I am trying to figure it out, and I hope to eventually.
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