3D Printing – World of Possibilities

I am amazed at 3D printing technology, it seems almost not believable. But it is here and will grow…our kids may all have 3D printers as central to any home workshop. And while it opens up incredible opportunities, it will also lead to questions around our consumer desire for getting exactly what we want and the implications for what that means (maybe more belief in the idea that the thing will make us happy if only it….). But that is worth the benefit to be able to bring design and creation tools into our everyday lives and hopefully for people/companies to create products locally that would otherwise not be available. Thinking here of making something in the less developed parts of the world that otherwise defies cost and shipping practicalities.



About Chris

I am a husband, father, son and brother. I worked for a long time in investment banking / advisory and looking forward to now building from the inside. What is my purpose?....don't think that I have figured that out, it is tricky. I have lots of good intentions, some of which blossom into good deeds and some of which could use a catalyst. But I am trying to figure it out, and I hope to eventually.
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