So maybe I start again….

Over a year since last posting. What began as really just a way to check out blogging turned into a simple posting mostly of articles that I found interesting, and then it just stopped. I am overwhelmed, really, by the quantity and quality of blogs being written, so I am not sure that I see a need to add to that. So, not exactly sure where this will go, but likely along the lines of tracking back to articles of interest and giving my perspective on them. I read a post by Steven Johnson regarding the historically common practice of keeping a “commonplace” book, which was an indexed collection of thoughts, quotes, and items of interest. The commonplace book was in some ways a professional journal, and maybe in some ways this blog will resemble this idea.


About Chris

I am a husband, father, son and brother. I worked for a long time in investment banking / advisory and looking forward to now building from the inside. What is my purpose?....don't think that I have figured that out, it is tricky. I have lots of good intentions, some of which blossom into good deeds and some of which could use a catalyst. But I am trying to figure it out, and I hope to eventually.
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